Android Oreo

Finally!!  Android 8.0 aka Android Oreo is on the horizon and has been planned to roll-out for beta testing. There has been more and more information coming out with its usage and ability to handle new things and multiple devices.

Official website of Android Oreo is grand marketing option for android and worth visiting if you are interested.

I loved the navigation of website with actual Oreo cookie getting opened and you will get all the features. Now coming to the overview in typical TechBiz Research language:

  1. Application login.
    • Good if you are logging out multiple times.
    • Not really useful for already logged in application
    • Have dependency on Gboard application
  2. Picture in Picture Feature
    • This feature is one of the best feature I can think of for Oreo
    • You can have video call on watsapp and also navigate to other apps
    • Hope that it is not memory hogging feature.
  3. Application Notification dots
    • Notification for apps with option to reply and comment.
    • Opens the app in browser.
  4. Google Play Protect
    • Finally Google realized that Play store needs to be secured and it took around 8 version to understand its importance.
    • This is a welcome feature where all the buggy apps will now be removed from playstore.
  5. New Emoji
    • Wow!! Emoji never stops to amaze us and with new Emojis in portfolio, users can use less words and more emojis to express.
  6. All Standard things
    • Finally!! Blah blah.. – security, speed improvement, power saving, etc Nothing you and I will be interested to know in detail.


Release date:

OEM will decide the date to roll out but standard google devices (Nexus devices) will get update from Sep 11 2017.