Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 – New Features

CRM 2016 New Features

  1. Forms and User Interface
    1. Stacked Navigation of entities which are logically grouped together. 
    2. Direct and Navigation to sections in forms
    3. Easy change of themes and logo for crm application
    4. Improved quick search. This now searches data across multiple entities and displays results in group.
    5. Reduction of form loading time by parallel processing of form details
    6. Support for Report templates – excel and word. CRM 2015 and earlier versions had support for Word document templates only.
    7. Enhanced way to check hierarchy in CRM for users.
  2. Security Features
    1. Enhanced security feature for user distribution based on Management Hierarchy and Role Hierarchy
    2. Field level security is now applicable to all fields which was earlier applicable only for custom fields.
  3. Business Process Flow
    1. Business Process Flow now have span across 5 entities and can accommodate 30 stages per each process flow defined.
  4. Focus on Customer Service
    1. Integration of new tools of customer services and enhanced KM tools
    2. Interactive service Hub – now more enhanced and showcases more details
    3. Voice of Customer – Customer pulse analysis and decision making tool.
    4. Parature Integration in CRM – Provides end customer chat tool, KM and ticket tracking
    5. Unified Service Desk Integration – New shiny version of USD integrated very closely with CRM
    6. Enhanced SLA rolled out in this version of CRM – ability to pause an SLA so that time isn’t considered in the calculations and add success actions to an SLA.
  5. Outlook Integration
    1. CRM integration with outlook is now enhanced.
  6. Social Media Integration
    1. New dashboard is designed which shows new improvements in Social Media integration.
  7. Office 365 Integration
    1. With Microsoft Cloud only strategy, they have tighly coupled Office in CRM with connection to OneDrive.
  8. CRM Online Features
    1. Creating multiple sandbox instance. Creating backups and restoring to Azure storage subscriptions.
    2. Easy switch between production and sandbox instances and solution deployment.
    3. Multi Geo Support – Online CRM now supports one CRM to be deployed across multiple geography.
  9. Solution Export
    1. Best feature of CRM is – Selected Entity component export. In the earlier version, user had to export all the components of entity irrespective of change in only one component.
  10. External Party Access
    1. CRM now supports more defined access to external party.
    2. Stringent access and more detailed level access of data can be configured via API settings at entity level. 
  11. Mobile Release commitment
    1. Microsoft has shown good commitment towards new and improved version of CRM mobile application.
    2. Close integration of CRM with Good Email service

With all the above features, I am sure anyone who is planning to upgrade to CRM 2016 will have many benefits.