Ransomeware and Crowdsourcing

In today’s world, as we all know, Cybersecurity is a prime concern. Even naive hackers can hack in system with already existing ransomware code, few older virus and scripts.

With this, challenges are getting bigger for IT security companies. We are seeing more and more devices getting online which includes IOT devices, fitness trackers and smart home concepts.

All this pose a serious thread and lot of responsibility on the companies. They needs to ensure that the security is not at all compromised under any circumstances.

New Group joining bandwagon of Internet:

We all know that internet has now been intrinsic part of our life but for many people it is still new.

  • Early adopters of SmartPhone
  • Developing countries uses
  • Awareness of spearfishing concepts among aged people
  • Awareness about ransomeware prevention basics
  • Verification of source of emails and attachments check

There has been few options to handle with all solutions comes new challenges.

One of the option is crowdsourcing. Here people give feedback and also options to handle upcoming virus.

Many antivirus companies gets agreement from customers to access real time data. This data is related to virus details in case they are impacted.

But most of the time, it is not the data which helps but the fix for that will matter. This will become more crucial when time of essence.

People charged for providing solutions:

Recent episode of Ransomeware WannaCry is known to everyone. But what is not known is that a person named Marcus Hutchins who was largely credited for providing fix and solution to halt the ransomware is now charged by FBI for hacking charges.


Surprised? But it is true. He is charged of wiretapping and fraud charges. Now this action has split the internet community and people are taking sides without knowing the real details. I will not be concluding anything in this article, but this has serious impact on the way people’s attitude towards support in security and its solutions.


Ethical hackers and hacking community will take a step back and ponder over the actions taken on people providing support. I am not sure if Marcus is guilty or not. But I am sure that his actions saved damage by WannaCry on NHS systems and other vulnerable applications.


With this kind of scenario happening around, people will be reluctant to come ahead and provide support.