Visual Studio 2017 Offline Installation

Hi All,  Microsoft has introduced Visual Studio 2017 and many are wondering on how to do offline installation of visual studio like we used to do with plain simple .ISO file and just double clicking it.  New Process in Visual Studio 2017:   User needs to first download the required package on a machine which has […]

Pomodoro Technique

  Understanding the Pomodoro Technique Productivity hacks are ever-popular in a world full of digital distractions and the Pomodoro Technique one such method that can help you cut through the clutter. The technique, which takes its name from a tomato-shaped timer that inventor Francesco Cirillo used to track his work when he was a college […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 – New Features

CRM 2016 New Features Forms and User Interface Stacked Navigation of entities which are logically grouped together.  Direct and Navigation to sections in forms Easy change of themes and logo for crm application Improved quick search. This now searches data across multiple entities and displays results in group. Reduction of form loading time by parallel […]

Ransomeware and Crowdsourcing

In today’s world, as we all know, Cybersecurity is a prime concern. Even naive hackers can hack in system with already existing ransomware code, few older virus and scripts. With this, challenges are getting bigger for IT security companies. We are seeing more and more devices getting online which includes IOT devices, fitness trackers and […]

Website -10 Years Ago History

Time flies very fast!!. With that in mind, 10 years is a long time especially when you see lot of things changing in internet. I was browsing and found one intersting site – 10 Years Ago   Few interesting sites noted are Youtube and Amazon. Things to Note: Core Design Remains the same Youtube has […]

Android Oreo

Finally!!  Android 8.0 aka Android Oreo is on the horizon and has been planned to roll-out for beta testing. There has been more and more information coming out with its usage and ability to handle new things and multiple devices. Official website of Android Oreo is grand marketing option for android and worth visiting if […]

LG V30 – Mobile Review

LG V30 is official, a Galaxy Note 8 alternative that appeared in a variety of rumors ahead of its IFA reveal. It’s also a beautiful phone that seems to correct everything that’s wrong with the LG G6. And a phone nobody will care about, no matter how great it is right now. These flagship-class features […]